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  1. Voodoodal
    Voodoodal2 years ago

    Yummy big love button! So nice!

  2. Akihn2 years ago

    Assfuck supah starlet, any tips on how to get that much in?

  3. Gardanris
    Gardanris2 years ago

    I sensed on edge the entire time, like I was going to get caught watching. Love it

  4. Dougrel2 years ago

    I've recently been having a lot of pain and also been diagnosed PTSD, I haven't been able to smoke weed for years because it freaked me out. my brain couldn't function I'd start shaking, and I just didn't like it. I remember when sinsemilia came out, and then skunk. the last time I smoked marijuana was about 1990 my uncle brought some from Florida. one hit and I can barely walk, I was just too freaked out. and we were at a ski resort at 8 am. Ready to go up on the lift 🤤

  5. Malazragore
    Malazragore2 years ago

    True meaning of fuckin The Shit out a bitch! Dope movie!

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